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The Steele Brothers Book 1: Justin **Amazing Bonus Inside: Gift Romance books Collection** “I’ll give you two weeks and then I’m coming for you.” “Four weeks.” “Three.” I smiled. “Deal.” Justin leaned back in and pressed a kiss to my cheek. “Better get ready for me, sweetheart.” I watched him leave and barely made it to my chair before my knees gave out. That man was more than I’d ever had to handle, and I always ended up feeling a little scorched. My stomach did a little flip at the knowledge that three weeks was only three weeks away. I didn’t know if I’d ever truly be ready for a man like Justin. Sara Jane Barrows has spent her whole life being perfect. From her pageant days to her agreeing to every blind date her mom wants her to go on, she always agrees. No matter the cost. Always polite, never demanding, Sara is tired of her life. She doesn’t feel like there’s a way to change anything, though. Trapped in a revolving door of smiles and taking crap from people, she’s surprised to find that the one person she can be vocal with is the father of one of her students. Justin Steele is a champion bull rider. He’s as tough as they come and everyone knows it. Newly back in town to help his brothers take over their parents’ ranch, he’s making his mark. A new date every night, a new story every morning, Justin knows how to have fun. He doesn’t know how to help his son, Mason, though. At six, Mason is behind in school and is having screaming fits in the classroom. When the school’s counselor confronts him about it, he can’t help but blow up. No matter how sexy he finds the woman, he doesn’t appreciate her judging eyes. Sara is determined to help Mason get over his anxiety about school, even if it means getting closer to his father. Justin is fast to learn how much Sara cares for Mason. So, when he hears about one of her blind dates insulting her, he’s equally as fast to fight for her. When a secret is revealed about her blind dates, Sara needs time to come into herself and her ability to say no to her mom. While helping with Mason, she starts working on getting the things she wants, making long-dismissed dreams come true. Justin has to sit back and wait because he knows what he wants already. He just needs Sara in his bed, maybe more. Will Sara’s new attitude lead her to Justin? Will he even be interested once he finds out that she has a little secret of her own? Suggested Reading Order (although each book is a standalone): The Steele Brothers: Justin (Book 1) The Steele Brothers: Devon (Book 2) The Steele Brothers: Avery (Book 3) Warning: *This story contains mature themes and language. It is intended to be enjoyed by an 18+ audience only. *No cliffhangers here! Each book in the series has a HEA ending. Each new book introduces new characters. *Please be aware that this is a Romance Novella, not a full-length novel. Be aware that the stated page length can be misleading as it includes the main book as well as the bonus collection. Review: Justin is one swoon-worthy cowboy! Boone has written a page-turner that every romance fan will enjoy. — Anita Laroque, author of the Durellian Mates series Sara Jane is a character that you can’t help but root for. Watching her come into herself and fight for all her long-buried dreams is a real treat.

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